How we work

What we do

We will help you form a task in the designer's language and will accurately evaluate the task in terms of cost and timing.
Team building
Together with an art director we will build a team with the right competencies. We will monitor compliance with deadlines and the quality of the work.
All communication takes place through your account. It includes your entire project history, work reports and all the project files. We are on there for you 24/7.
We work under an agreement. We are responsible for adhering to copyright regulations, managing work quality, and mediating the terms of work.

Our approach

The work process step by step

We are available for you in the chat room 24/7. At all stages, you will have full access to the results of the work, as well as an analysis of how much time your project has been worked on.

The main stages

  • Step 1 Briefing
  • Step 2 Reserch
  • Step 3 Test versions
  • Step 4 Updates
  • Step 5 Corrections
  • Step 6 Launching

Our design approach effectively solves problems

Flexible process management

Flexible workflow means that you and the art director assigned to your project, and you can be a part of the design process.
You will only pay for hours worked by the designers, and all project source files will always be available to you in your account.

It means that you can PAUSE TASK and CANCEL TASK.

Better yet, you can control the timing of the task. If you want it faster, you can pause the task, and create a new one with an updated timeline: simplifying the original one. We can help you optimize any changes and put them in the brief for free.

We are doing a job that you and your clients will love

The final result will not surprise or shock you. Before you receive the final result, you'll see moodboards, sketches, and test variants. You can change the final version with the help of corrections. There is no limit to the number of corrections available.

Types of corrections

If there are any issues with the relevancy of the work, we will gladly offer free revisions.

Also, if there are any issues with the quality of the work in general - we will fix them for free.
If there are any concerns regarding style – we will estimate each correction according to the time required for each change. The number of such corrections is only limited by your budget.
There are also projects with an editing cycle. For example: advertising creatives, the task of which is the maximization of CTR. This rate is the same as everywhere else: hourly.

Selecting the best qualified specialists

We will be able to build a more competent team than any other studio or company because their teams are limited to their staffs. We find designers using a rating system. Perhaps a person can draw icons well, but is not at all able or does not want to design logos and do on.

It’s almost as if the designers work in your company, but they do not get sick and do not go on vacation. We build the perfect team for you while keeping track of timing and quality.

We are capable of managing large workloads

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We have a lot of designers from all over the world. You can confidently delegate the design process to us, no matter your company’s size.

Exact time estimates

First, we complete a thorough analysis. We have experience with numerous projects and we accurately assess each task. We also know how long the same task will take two different designers and we can bring together a team based on your priorities.

Secondly, we have an organized system of work, which divides the difficult tasks into many smaller tasks that there is maximum time efficiency.

We have completed a lot of tasks and we know mistakes can be made over time. This is why we always calculate time correctly. If we deliver the job on time, we won't take money for our work.

Matching the team with the project

  • When we collect references for you we find a style that fits your project.
  • Furthermore, we choose people who know how to work in the desired style and who like the theme of your project.
  • Next, we choose the art director. Our art directors are designers who have been working with us for many years, and who are capable of bringing the teams together as one unit. The main team is formed and a kind of bench - not very busy designers, which we can attract to work in force major.
  • Later on, the team draws up visual research. As a rule of thumb, there are several teams working on a larger project at once. You choose the team that will work with you next.

Our designers are people

We could have anyone working as a designer, but we measure their speed, quality and regularly interview designers to inform them about each other's work. Based on this information we collect a rating. We do not give real tasks to beginners at all. We build teams from them and they do the same tasks that skilled designers do. If we see that they do well, we give them a simple job for which they are rated. The higher their rating, the higher our confidence is in the designer.

How to start

To start working with us, log-in to your account, fill in the details, and sign the contract. From there, we will help you create your first task.

Until you press start task , everything is free.


You can create very basic tasks, like making icons for a site or a favicon, in 2 minutes without additional consultations. How to properly consult: 1 to 5 sessions for 15 minutes.

For common tasks, like creating a logo, one session is enough., Ifif you have branding, we will create a plan for you, which for each task includes: the site, the logo, the packaging, any advertising, etc. with separate briefings.

Work approval

There are several stages: reference gathering, sketching, and prototyping, At each of which, you take the work and after each stage you have a project file with the current progress.

In the last stage you get the final version for which you can make corrections. After all corrections are to your satisfaction simply press finish task.

Work with your designer

Through your account or ftp server your designer can share files with us, leave comments and communicate with us under your control. We are a remote and well scalable team.

For you it is like hiring many people, without wasting time on HR and communication.

Ora with your design staff and contractors

After you have started working with us, you will have access to all project files which you can manage as you wish: give them to your internal team for or transfer them to another remote team.


Can I talk to the designer?

Chat is 24/7 available. A team manager will always answer you, and during working hours art director. He is completely involved in all design processes, so communication with an in-house designer makes no sense.

Can I change the team?

This can happen if you like our system, but with your team you have a misunderstanding.

Of course, in these cases we change the team - the client is always right.

What if you do the wrong thing I asked you to do?

It's an exceptional case, and yet assuming it happens: We are about design, which first of all solves business problems. So if the solution is irrelevant, we redesign it for free.

What if it doesn't look good?

Our design for business and first of all we look at the result: that the design effectively told about your business and was clear to your clients.

We also follow the tendencies and realize what format will work today and for what purpose. It's not nice = thoughtless. We take a sensible approach to every step of our work. And to be sure, just look at our work!

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