We create and design new UX mechanics for the mobile app of K Group retail.
Dec 2019
Maria Evtodieva, Arseniy Popov
CGI is teaming up with K Group, the world’s most sustainable trading sector company. Together we want to find innovative ways to support consumers in making their everyday lives more sustainable and healthier.

For Finland's largest supermarket chain K-Market, K-Supermarket and K-Citymarket. it was necessary to increase the number of installations of the mobile network application and user engagement ratio.

Make the app useful so that people would be more willing to share their data in it.

It was agreed to use a resource of recipes that were published weekly in the supermarket magazine, break them down into ingredients and offer people to collect their menus for a week in advance using the simple mechanics of the tinder.

After that, people could collect a one-click shopping list or order food with home delivery.

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