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Regular Plan

The price includes one hour of work from any graphic, illustration, motion, or UX designers.

  • FTP server with your files
  • Free briefing
  • Account showing workflow
  • 24/7 support system
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Enterprise kit

80 hours

This price includes 80 hours of work per month from any graphics, illustration, motion picture designers.

  • FTP server with your files
  • Free briefing
  • Account showing workflow
  • 24/7 support system
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The costs of your tasks

We have statistics from every completed project task. Listed are recorded high and low prices for each type of tasks. The list is regularly updated. This means that 99% of the time you will fall into this range.

In the design process it is difficule to name the price, because each task has its own unique features, but we have a price range based on similar tasks.


$12 - $120


$12 - $120


$120 - $180

books design

$120 - $180

magazine covers

$120 - $180

annual reports

$120 - $180


$120 - $180

ad banners

$120 - $180


$120 - $180


$120 - $180


What does the price depend on?

The pricing is dependent on how the task develops over time. Asking for drawing of a black square is simple, however rarely are tasks so concretely conceptualized in the beginning. Therefore, the more concise the final concept is presented, the lower the cost will be. Additionally, the price listed in the design package may differ from the cost of the design development.

The most complicated thing in design is the idea: finding the rules of the game according to which the value of the product is revealed to the CA.

How do you calculate hours and how will I know how long the work will take?

Every month your account displays a report with all the work you have completed. On it you can view the specifics: how much time has been spent and on what. Before you start working, we give you an estimation of the time and cost. If you wish, we can modify the timing and cost. We will not start the work until we have agreed on all the details.

What if the work takes longer?

This is hardly ever the case. If it happens we are at fault. If the work does not objectively meet quality standards: we will redesign it for free. All modifications to the finished design are paid separately, as additional hours of work.

What if work takes less time?

If we complete the work faster you pay less. You also have the option of leaving after any stage and will pay for exactly as many hours as our designers have worked.

Can I find a cheaper option?

Yeah, but you're gonna have to do the same job we already did and it' s gonna cost you more time.

Comparison table

Freelancers Design studio Regular designers Ora graphics
Reliability ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★
Pricing ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Quality ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Timing ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Relevance ★★ ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★


We are more reliable than the freelancer because the freelancer may not answer, may take the prepayment and hide. A freelancer can do it late. Freelancers can even take the money and delegate it to somebody if you're clueless and do not specify the exact task...
We' re more reliable than a staff member because a staff member goes on leave, gets sick.

You hire a staff member and you spend resources on that. You also spend resources to fire him and feed him while he is not working. You constantly generate tasks for him: either you or the manager. And it costs money.
If you have a small staff of designers and you do not specialize in the design, then usually your employees are multi-taskers. The person who makes your logo will make pamphlets business card calendars and in general the whole schedule for your company.

This is not always a good thing, because there are people who will do a specific job faster and more efficiently.
You come to the design studio to sign a contract with them and they have no obligation to you to complete the task on time. The same with us.


However, the design studio is always an expensive pleasure, because it has a lot of costs: space, designers on the salary are the main costs, the risks of not worked out briefs and the conversion funnel. As your business, as well as business design studio also have clients with whom they communicate, and then they have nothing to contract. Since we have almost automated the process of chat, we do not have these costs. We do not have designers on the salary, so an hour of work costs us much cheaper than the design studio. All our designers work by KPI so it is a matter for them to make you quality as well as ours.
We are less expensive than a regular designer, because we have out stuffing services, so you do not waste time and money on the selection of designers in the staff.

You receive the same thing as an employee at your workplace. You give the work assignment, an infinite number of approvals and corrections. The designers also communicate with you, specify all your wishes and you do not overpay for it.

Of course, the design studio and the staff member and ora will cost you more than a freelancer.


As mentioned above, however, a freelancer does not guarantee the quality, so if you look for a freelancer yourself, you will spend that time and do the same job that we already have automated. You will create the same process within your company that we already have. That will cost more than we do and you can't save money here.

Freelance is a loss to both the quality of the design studio and the staff and us and does not protect you from the fact that the freelancer can copy the drawings, and in court, you will have to be the defendant.
Our quality is equivalent to the design of the studio because we are directly interested in it is our image. Just like the design studio, customers choose us because we make an efficient design.

Our quality is higher than that of a staff member, it is not an axiom. We have a lot of design experience and a great deal of inspiration. We see what will work, what will not. How people work, their features. We take all this into account when we decide whether to take a designer to us or not.
As any professional staff: it has to be grown. Within the company, we need expertise, time and experience. And these are projects that have been made and made over and over again. Of course, the design studio has such experience as we do, and the expertise of the design studio is more relevant than the company's experience in another industry.
It's the same as the experience in your business. If you make coffee machines to order, you will have much more skilled employees than us, because you spent a lot of time on it: to optimize your business processes.

Our designers have an internal rating. We work carefully on the portfolio, and in collecting the talents inside the company.

If you really find a talented designer and hire a job from him: it will be very cool. But all the talented designers usually already have a lot of work to do and are worth it as a design studio.

Only really talented designers are hired by very large companies such as Ikea or Apple.


The freelancer is likely to win because he is starving. It's in his interest to give up his job and get a new one. The business isn't usually in his interest because he's fully loaded. He takes on the job as manager and designer, so he's doing half the time.

The slowest design studio, because until they achieve a great result, they will not close your work because you do not put the portfolio. Time wasted, which is very expensive for the design studio and its development, especially if your company is in full view. It is always additional marketing for the design studio.

Staff members will be a little quicker because they depend heavily on your timing. You set any deadlines, balancing between timing and quality. If you have a project that requires quick implementation.

We will be faster than staff members because we have almost unlimited resources, which we try to allocate as efficiently as possible. If you ask us to draw a logo, the designer who best handles the logos will do it. If you ask us for a layout of the site, it will be a designer who a bit of a dab hand at work in the Figma or sketch. If it is a banner, it will be another designer who stuffed his hand in drawing banners. And they can all work on your project in parallel.

We will track their work in such a way that it will maintain its integrity and will be in accordance with your corporate identity. If we get one designer sick, we'll find another one. We can invite two or three to work on your project and we can organize the work efficiently.


We, like the in-house designer, win in relevance because which in-house designer you can give the right amount of detail and improve as much as you need.

Worse than a staff member will handle the work of the design studio because the design studio always tries to keep up with the trends, but not always the projects that the design studio receives corresponds to its mood, competence, styles of designers who work on projects. In any case, it will turn out great, but whether it will fit your task and solve your business goals is still a question.
And of course, it will be less relevant to be a freelancer because to get to know what you want and translate it into the language of design you need to be a talented manager. As a rule, a talented manager, who is also an art director, is not involved in the design. So he is a talented manager, not a designer. Design is a talented designer. It is hard to imagine a freelancer who will mix a talented manager who will catch you from half a word, and a talented designer who will draw everything the way you want.
Work Process
It will be harder to work with freelancers. You need to sign contracts with them, monitor the process of work, specify all the details of copyright, its alienation, monitor the implementation of deadlines.
Most probably you have already faced the problems that arise in organizing the process of working with freelancers.

It's more pleasant to work with a design studio because they already have questions that they can ask in advance. Contracts prepared and many other things because it is their reputation.

It is probably even better to work with internal employees because you have them. You have full control over the process that comes from your office.

Working with us is as pleasant as working with employees because you also have control over all the processes that are happening on your project as if it were your employees. You are given a private file server where your work is stored. All communication is in a user-friendly chat, which contains links to all current tasks and their status, time spent on them. We reply to all messages immediately.

Work and payment plan


We sign a contract with you before we start working. You pay monthly for work done during the previous payment period.


We work based on tasks. You keep 100% of payment fees before we start working. If the task is completed ahead of schedule, we only charge you for the number of hours worked.

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