the tools we use to work

February 21, 2019

We are talking about the warehouse, in which graphic editors occupy at most one-tenth of the property. Here only our practice.


When we start working on a project, we have a lot of data, but no system. They need to be collected somewhere, stored and processed. Just folding and looking is not enough. We use cloud storage and special services.

Our favourite is Google Drive. Here you can store files and links, write texts, create spreadsheets, whatever you want to look for. We use it every day, but we cannot solve all our problems.

Therefore, with Google Drive, we use Miro and AirTable for handling inputs. Miro allows you to store links, pictures, texts on one endless board and make connections between them. And all this will be right before your eyes. And it has a lot of other features.

AirTable is for the people who like to organize information in tabular form. You can make links between tables, and the tables themselves can be turned into Kanban boards or cards. The service allows you to organize information as you like. You can also use other tools.


We are using papers, boards and stickers in the office. The designers stand at the blackboard and start drawing together. Sometimes they do the same thing on A3 paper, but the meaning remains the same.

Stickers are needs in different situations. For example, to decompose a list of functions, you write out one per sticker, and you get a large wall of product possibilities. You can nest, separate them in different colours, collect a variety of checklists - which is enough imagination. All functions are in front of your eyes not one has been forgotten.


When we need to find a link, we go straight to the resources we know. We do nothing googling; it takes longer. For mobile interfaces, we look for references on Mobbin, for the web on Pinterest.

We use UI-kits from the Internet. More often than not we take components of Ant Design frame - everything you need is there. The main thing is that all styles in it are already packaged, and every element is implemented in code. This can speed up the work for us and accelerate development.


We are using a Figma. It is a powerful tool, and with the help of plugins, it can replace all other services altogether.

Previously, we used Axure, then switched to Sketch in conjunction with Invision to demonstrate interactive prototypes to customers, sometimes uploaded layouts to Zeplin.

In Figma, you can store references, collect information at the analytics stage, distribute access rights, store intermediate versions of a design, unload interactive layouts and show them to the customer, and eventually transfer them to developers.

True, we are still using Miro. It is more convenient for demonstrating and discussing design.


We present the design in Miro or Figma, and at the same time, we will call upon Skype and discuss the results with the customer. We do not give a link to the layouts.

We communicate in writing on Telegram, Skype and by mail. We call on the same Skype or Zoom.


We only communicate in writing in Slack. Voice - Discord only. No mail, Telegram or Skype.

Since we practice teamwork, we call on Discord and work together in Miro or Figma.

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