Checklist for your logotype

February 21, 2019

The team of design studio made a little checklist that will help you find out the advantages and disadvantages of your brand-name and logotype. There is a simple test. It can help you understand what's wrong with your logotype. If the 5 paragraphs out of 10 match your logo, it needs a redesign.

1. You have to think long and hard to say what is depicted on your logotype in one phrase

Why shouldn't it be: logo description should include few words so that it can be quickly and permanently remembered and read. For example, «puma jumping», «letter M», «checkmark», «moose» etc.

2. Your logotype indicates the sphere of your business

Why shouldn't it be: anyway, the logo will be seen most often in the sphere of your activity. Comparing it with competitors it's better to highlight your unique style in it. That's why a car is never represented on car logos. Ferrari logo represents wild Italian stallion, Mercedes — German restraint and reliability, Rolls-Royce — luxury.

3. Your logotype could be suitable for both a company that produces disposable lighters and an international bank

Why shouldn't it be: logotype makes money when it works only for your target audience. The special style must help clients quickly notice the worth of your product and make the right choice.

4. Part of the word in your title highlighted by colour

Why shouldn't it be: this way is very common. That's why it is used more often by beginners, than by experienced firms. It's not so bad. But if that way is not justified, it is better to get rid of it, no one will notice.

5. You will not be able to put your logo on a matchbox

Why shouldn't it be: you can often find that the logo is broadcast in small size or scale. It is obvious that if it is difficult to recognize or read the title, you need to prepare a simplified version for situations like this.

6. Your logotype has too many shadows, gradients and other effects from Photoshop

Why shouldn't it be: achieving the uniqueness of the logo doesn't overdo it. Look at the most successful brands — they avoid even the smallest results of computer programs.

7. Your logo looks like a small picture

Why shouldn't it be: this technique combines all disadvantages we listed before. The logotype is hard to remember, recognize and reproduce in miniature. Unlike illustration, a good logo is easy to read and reproduce.

8. If you look closely at the text of the logotype some parts appear denser than others

Why shouldn't it be: if the letter-spacing seems inconsistent, this may mean that the designer worked badly on kerning. Correct kerning makes it easier to read and understand words, so you need to make it with high quality once and for all. This doesn't mean that the letters must have the same distance in millimetres. It means that due to the different shapes of the letters black and white parts must be optically compensated. It's not easy at all, it takes a lot of time.

9. You use more than one font

Why shouldn't it be: there is no important reason to use multiple fonts in the text part of the logotype. This is usually done because of powerlessness or fear of being unoriginal.

10. The logotype is the only sign of your unique style

Why shouldn't it be: certainly the logotype is the only sign of your unique style. But your customers must feel your special style in other ways. Otherwise, we can say that you have no style.

If most of these paragraphs match your logotype, it's time to think about changing or improving your style. Of course, there are many exceptions to every rule, but we don't know of any successful logo that ignores all the items on this list at once.

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