About Us

Our mission

Design is not a luxury, design is not a leap from the competition, design is not a way to be equally different, and design is a necessity.

We believe design should be available to every entrepreneur. Inspiration comes when there's beauty around. Entrepreneurs are the people who build the world around them. So, the world will be a better place if entrepreneurs create beautiful products from the beginning.

We consider designers should receive a decent salary for their work and not waste time on management. Every designer at heart is an artist. You can't put him in an office and make him generate pretty images. A designer is a special beast that needs a special approach.

That's why we’ve created a flexible packaging tool to create and develop your brand.

Quality. Timing. Pricing.

We use the rating system to match the right team to the right task. We're sure that people will be fine because they've already worked on similar tasks before.

We control quality with internal ratings. Senior designers look at portfolios and rate each other’s projects.

If a project causes questions, we closely review the work of the designers who are working on it.

We stick to deadlines, because we crush the tasks in as much detail as possible.If we do not have enough analytics for a task, we assign several designers to work in parallel.

Talents among us

Many companies have HR staff who look for specialists, talk to them and hire them to fill the right positions. However, HR doesn't always correctly select people before giving them the opportunity to have their competencies evaluated in a team environment.

Time and money are spent on staff selection. Even though ready-made teams attract people convenient to management, they may not always be useful to the business.

This kind of staff lacks flexibility. They aren’t as efficient as when their earnings directly depend on the quality of their work. In this case the costs are incurred by the contractor.

Another problem with this approach is that company profits are reliant on the optimization of their own processes. Instead of creating the company of their dreams, the task remains, the task remains closing the reforming their workforce.

The structure of our extensive team looks like a beehive. We do not have vertical chains, but instead designers gather to work as a team on a single project. Everyone can be an in designer one project and an art director in another. Everyone earns as much as they want and works as long as they like.

People work for themselves, not for the company. We don't search for designers, they find us. The work schedule, location, career progression and earnings all depend on a person's abilities and preferences. A work-life balance leads to personal fulfilment and happy people help find brilliant solutions.

Our aim

We do better than freelancers, in-house designers, and we do just as well as studio designers.

Our strength comes from talented people who work with the flow and are not easily distracted. Designers are free to choose their projects and team, and balance their own work and leisure time.

Grow your business.
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